"I've taken Brittany's Yin Yoga with Reiki class - she clearly explained the purpose, intention and benefits of the class, and of each pose. It was truly a relaxing and healing class. I also did a Reiki session with Brittany, and ended up taking her Reiki training classes, as I really felt her passion for the healing of Reiki, and her experience and knowledge was very helpful in understanding how to apply what I learned and be a practicioner." - Nancy Fressola

"I started taking Brittany's Yin Yoga with Healing at the Soul of Yoga ten months ago and I love it! The deep, prolonged stretches, along with the lovely, calming selection of music creates the perfect space for Reiki. Brittany is a dedicated, adept, and gifted healer with a genuine sweetness about her that puts everybody at ease instantly. It is the results of her healing that inspired me to earn both Level 1 and Level 2 Traditional Reiki Practioner Certification through her workshops. For me this continues to be a worthwhile investment as I have arthritis in both of my hips and am now able to ease my pain without medications :) I can honestly say the Brittany Barger has changed my life! <3" - Joyce Conklin

"Dear Brittany, I wanted to thank you again so much for this very important and fantastic class and program you offered us. As I mentioned, after years of having to get my Reiki certification in mind and getting different teachers information, I did not feel strongly about it until I took your class and I guess it was the Divine timing. I am looking forward to complete this journey and thanks again for sharing your love, light and gift...and yes, as light workers, we are expanding. With love and blessings abound :)" - Zoe A.

"I had never had reiki done before, and was a little apprehensive. Brittany made me feel completely at ease. I left the session feeling relaxed, re-energized and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend Serenity Reiki to anyone looking to try this incredible alternative healing method!" – Deanna

"After Brittany did Reiki on me, I told her that it was the best healing session I had ever experienced! Brittany was intuitively guided to the exact areas that needed healing, even though I had not told her what areas I was having problems with. At one point during the session, I felt wholly and completely supported by Brittany as she applied Reiki to my feet. I would recommend Brittany to anyone who is seeking to find healing and balance in any area of their lives!" – Kelly M.

"My attunement with Brittany was a life changing experience. During my 21-day detox, I noticed many emotional issues coming up that were a GIFT to finally work through. Issues that I had been half thinking about, half not doing anything about for the last 6-9 months. I was gifted with a greater awareness and understanding and acceptance of myself, my life situation, my feelings, my fears, my behaviors, my wants/desires, etc. Performing reiki on myself and frequent meditations have helped me so much. Yoga has helped me with these things before, but now my expanded arsenal of techniques has made it so much easier. I finally feel like things are moving on in my life and I'm so so thankful. I'm very grateful to Brittany for sharing this gift with me." – Lauren B.

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